Policies & Procedures

In Matthew 16, our Lord gathered His disciples outside of Jerusalem and asked them who they think He is. Peter responded, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." Upon hearing that revelation, the Lord said, "on this rock I will build My church." We are reminded by this passage that the Church is her people. It is all the faithful, including the silent, the injured, the outcast, and the victimized.

It is with this spirit of oneness and in obedience to Proverbs 31:8 which reads, "open your mouth for the speechless," that we commit ourselves to the cause of all victims and survivors, especially our precious women and children. With this in mind, the Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese of North America has implemented the following:

The Archdiocese of North America acknowledges the harm done by acts of sexual abuse. The resilience of victims and their trust in God's mercy and ultimate justice stands as a testament of their faith and an example to us all.

Download the "Archdiocese Sexual Misconduct and Physical Abuse and Neglect Policy" here.

Using these policies and procedures, the Archdiocese will work tirelessly for the prevention of such abuse and for the justice and healing for all those abused. The Church is her people and we are committed to the goal of all her people feeling safe and secure in her midst.

Policy Contacts

Eastern United States / U.S. Territories / Caribbean
46 Church Institutions and Locations

Policy Coordinators
Fr. Suriel Endrawis [email protected] +1 (732) 589-8626
Regional Vicars
Fr. Dawoud Bebawy [email protected] +1 (201) 970-5885
Fr. Tadrus Shenouda [email protected] +1 (609) 661-5397

Midwestern United States
12 Church Institutions and Locations

Policy Coordinators
Fr. Jacob Zaki [email protected] +1 (763) 221-4247
Fr. James Mikhail [email protected] +1 (773) 817-6542
Fr. David Hanna [email protected] +1 (317) 531-5774
Regional Vicars
Fr. Samuel Thabet [email protected] +1 (630) 935-2000

Western United States
21 Church Institutions and Locations

Policy Coordinators
Fr. Arsanios Hanna [email protected] +1 (425) 248-7992
Fr. Yacob Soliman [email protected] +1 (720) 244-2390